General Electric Antique Radios


The antique radios that came from General Electric were manufactured by Radio Corporation of America. General Electric established this company in 1919. The company started to branch out to other types of electronics but continued their manufacturing of radios for General Electric. With the help of RCA, General Electric became one of the most sought after brands during its time. RCA became an independent manufacturer but they still kept on producing radios for General Electric. The company was completely taken over by General Electric in 1987 and the RCA was dissolved but GE continued their operations in building radios.

Naturally antique radios of General Electric are associated with RCA. These are the most sought after types especially for antique collectors. The number of radios produced by RCA for General Electric is not as prolific compared to their competitors. RCA and GE are also preoccupied in producing different appliances at the same time they were releasing different types of radios. But they do have great looking antique radios such as feather touch radios and clock radios that could be easily repaired and refurnished. General Electricís dedication to quality could be easily noticed through their radios which have been in existence since the early 20th century.

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