Majestic Antique Radios


Majestic antique radio is one of the most sought after brand of antique radio because of the short lived existence of the manufacturer. The manufacturers were established in 1928 as Grigsby-Grunow Company. It fared really well during those times even though they were a late competitor. Unfortunately, the company declared bankruptcy in 1933 due to depression. The next chapter of the company started as soon as it was bankrupt. Referred to as the post-1933 era, the company renamed itself as the Majestic Radio & Television Corporation. They have dedicated their production in radio under the Majestic brand. The company closed for good in 1937.

The company only existed for nine years. But during its existence (before and after), the company has produced some of the best antique radios. Most of the radios manufactured have amazing acoustics with very powerful loudspeaker. Whether its pre or post 1933; the Majestic antique radio is a collectors item not only for its rarity but also for their power. The boxes of Majestic radio, when kept in their original form will usually need refurbishing. However, the insides of Majestic are still functional. With a little tweak, they can go back to their original sound without flaw.

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