Truetone Antique Radios

Truetone antique radios are a group of radios that came from different manufacturers during the first half of the 20th century. This is a group of radios that promises better sound compared to other radios. Although the Truetone seal doesn’t necessarily mean better performance compared in terms of durability to other radios manufactured during that time, Truetone radios are highly recognized to have a better sound compared to other radios. From the early 30s until the late 50s, Truetone radios have been made by different radio manufacturers. The name Truetone is even ported to different musical instruments and Truetone is even referred to as a sample sounds for ringtones.

Because of the variety of products that were associated with Truetone, it is very difficult to have a single characteristic that will set the Truetone apart from other products. However, Truetone is often associated with great looking products that are set to become vintages. The compact radios of Truetone that were manufactured during the 40s and the 50s are very popular today among hobbyists. They are usually built with Bakelite cases which are set to last for a very long time. Related products of Truetone radios are also popular particularly their schematics, manuals and even posters.

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